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What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a healthcare delivery model established over 40 years ago, beginning as a way for hospitals to extend care to patients in remote areas. Through technological advances, it has transformed into an efficient and convenient model of care.

What is Medgate?

Founded almost 20 years ago in Switzerland, Medgate is a leading international provider of telemedicine, with operations in Switzerland, the Middle East and the Philippines. It has forged partnerships with global organizations such as Swisscom, Mubadala and Aetna to bring its brand of telemedicine to the world.

Our Mission

Innovative healthcare made easy.

Tele-treatment Program

Access to Filipino telemedicine assistants and licensed specialist doctors.

24/7 telephone lines with multiple carriers and contact points.

Send images and conduct a video call to facilitate diagnosis and treatment.

International guidelines and protocols followed by our specialist doctors.

Triage conducted by Medgate Telemedicine Assistants.

Call back option for patients who want to schedule their consultation.

Provide E-prescriptions and Care Plan to patients.

Provide general referrals to customer clinics and affiliate networks.

Interpret laboratory results of patients.

Medicine delivered to your doorstep through our pharmacy partner.